The Seastainable Farmer

Say no to green washing

At Sussex Sea Farm, fighting the climate and ecological crises is not something we just pay lip service to, it’s the very reason we were formed....

The environmental benefits of sea farming are clear. With the realities of the climate and ecological crises becoming more evident every day, it is now down to each of us to play our part in this collective challenge. Sussex Sea Farm was specifically started in order to help in this fight, promoting a truly sustainable product which not only creates healthy food for people and a renewable material, but also actively helps protect the planet.

That’s why sustainability is baked into the very foundations of what we do. From our packaging, to this very website, we ensure that every decision adheres to these principles and that our farm benefits both society and the natural environment. Not only are we run on 100 percent renewable energy, but we’re proud to say we are a member of The Good Business club, an organisation working to help small scale, ethical business succeed.